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Organic Data Feeding

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This talk is about interpreting different nature patterns directly from the source by using electronic input channels such as sensors and cameras to create a set of organic based data that may be used to enhance functionality, stability, robust and constant data feeding and more. Organic Data Feeding is a totally new concept, so it should be quite interesting for LPM attendants.

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As time evolves the world becomes more synthetic. From artificial plants and flowers to GM foods, or a good sounding analog guitar to the crunching and deep sounds of an electrical music keyboard. Humans have focused on generating synthetic creations in order to simulate or even parody nature. Wouldn't it be smart to feed data directly from mother earth?

There are many times in which we need to feed data into our systems but it proves to be difficult to find some kind of information that sticks to certain patterns. Truth is nature holds many sequences that just need to be deciphered in order to make good use of them, we just need some techniques that would let us employ this information in a fashionable and useful manner.

So, the deal is we can use many different channels for inputing info that could well be used into dynamic projections, thus providing a different and independent layer that could well be suited to many applications, such as video content generation, control numbers, signal processing, texturing and many more, as much as you could imagine.

During this presentation the audience will learn a bit about how nature patterns work and different input and parsing techniques so they will be able to implement those concepts in their own creations. Hopefully, this will become a trend that may be able to solve existing problems and the audience would be able to develop further into this new, actually not known (yet) concept.

By using webcams, sensors, microphones and FM radios the audience can get input from virtually anything that the nature has to offer. By using Arduino technology and a portable computer the world becomes a limitless source of information that can be openly used.

We are taking computing one step forward with these techniques, as it will allow us to solve problems using a more organic way instead of an artificial or random one, thus making them more robust and fluid. Maybe you would like to think about how mother nature ALWAYS finds a path for growth? Our solutions can work that way too and become more stable...

The final objective of this presentation is to invite all the attendants to think on how nature solves things and then use that knowledge in order to evolve current applications. It also wants to leave a message of the importance of not becoming so urban, but rather think in different ways to approach problem solving.


The following are some of the main concepts presented during the show:

Random doesn't exist, anywhere in the universe.
Pseudo-random numbers.
Nature sources.
Input channels.
Parsing systems.
Data interpretation.
Organic data usage.
Applications in audio and video.

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