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Modern Pierrot

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My idea is to audiovisual theatre productions of contemporary art 'Pierrot Luinare' in the form of a sketch. Premiere accompanied by my interactive visualization was held on 12 August 2013 at the Centre Contemporary Art in Warsaw.The whole consists of 21 songs written by Arnold Schoenberg. One of the most intriguing and brilliant in design work influenced the development of Western music in twentieth century.The performance of many frontier areas of art, contemporary music, theater, dance, visual arts and multimedia scenography, I would like to describe by live animation based on my author visualizations.

'MODERN PIERROT' is an analogy of relationship between Muse and the artist.
My task is to outline the study of an artist who is struggling with the world, with its own creative power and powerlessness leads internal dialogue with his muse - a symbolic Pierrot. Symbiosis strong playing on the emotions of the music video is based on mathematical principles. My comment to the logically structured music of Arnold Schoenberg are consistently repeated in each animation fractals. Electronic reinterpretation of tracks Schonberg create a well-known polish music producer An On Bast (www.facebook.com / AnOnBast). A world full of chaos which apparently govern abstract forms is closed in the mathematical order.

I hope 'Modern Pierrot' will make you realize that art can inspire. As i became revitalized by 'Pierrot Lunaire' as YOU can be inspire by ART that surrounds you HERE. Don't leave Cape Town without your Muse!!!

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