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Live Media and FLOSS (40 euro)

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In depth classes about Audiovisual Live Media and live performances using FLOSS (Free/Libre OpenSource Softwares), focus on PureData. The course will be taught in English.

Overall duration of the course is 12 hours.

What is Live-Media

How Live-Media was born, influences and its development in the years. How Live-Media relates to arts/clubs/commercial enviroments

Audiovisual works examples

Review of the most considerable audiovisual works of past and recent years. Providing videos, pics and collaborative analysis of the materials together with partecipants

Building Content

Different techniques to create audiovisual live performances: narration, improvisation, generative arts. Collaborative brainstorming and creation of a concept to plan the content of the live performance

Custom-made audio-video application

How to plan and build the project of a custom-made audio-video application using free and open source softwares (such as PureData and FLxER).

How to use Sensors - physical computing technology introduction, Live Motion Tracking, MIDI devices, WiFi/LAN network real-time data exchange.

Workshop is open to 20 candidates.

Further informations:http://marcodonnarumma.com/teaching/live-media-and-floss/ [http://marcodonnarumma.com/teaching/live-media-and-floss/]

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