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Video Installation
The installation allows the exploration of the web art exhibitions realized by Shockart.net since 1999 to 2005.

The user, through the use of a pc and a mouse, can visit the exhibitions of the Shockart.net virtual gallery projected on the walls and interact with the artworks.


  • 01.12.17 |


Пока не загружено никакой галереи

Технический райдер

  • Продолжительность: 360 min.
  • Тип: Video Installation
monitor mouse
sound system


18 Май 2006

  • Italy Roma, Salerno
  • Vietnam Saigon



Shockart project was born in 1999 thanks to Vernice a well known cultural association. Initially born as section of Vernice site (www.vernice.it) has become a dedicated domain, www.shockart.net which aim is to be recognized as a worldwide reference able to spread and to increase the value of webart and digital art.

The digital support is the place where digital art is created, develops itself and is shown to its public without the need of being printed or to be reproduced in any other way.

Monitors, computers, networks are no longer just to be considered media but also the platforms thanks to which the digital opera is brought to its public remaining faithful to itself.

The guideline of Shockart is then to give added value to digital arts, a form of expression able to reach a big audience without losing the original impact, the original purity. "Shockart.net" is the web container for the web art where digital operas coming from all over the world are selected by the Association and put in the web "Gallery".

On the 10th of April a selection of 16 operas is presented for the first time "Off Line"; it represents a news for Shockart.net. The response of public and critics of this initiative turned out to be very positive as many other web sites linked themself to Shockart.net pointing it as reference for the digital art on web. The up-to-date "Gallery" 's structure of the site has been modified dividing it into "Esposizioni" and "Progetti" allowing the viewer to admire both the original opera as well as the ambientazione created by Shockart.net for the exhibition.

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